Using kitchen organisers can completely transform the way you put things away in your kitchen. Create more space for storage, and simplify the process of decluttering.

The kitchen is the type of location where things are constantly out of order. Keeping it organised is difficult, but it is doable!

I believe that there is never enough storage space in the kitchen. However, having too little of it might be a serious issue!

Today I'm providing several DIY kitchen organisation ideas that might give you some ideas on how to keep the best space in the house clean and tidy!

1. Hang pots and cutting boards with wood trim.

We frequently overlook the corners of the kitchen or the sides of the furniture. When your kitchen is large, adding small accents to the furnishings can make all the difference!

Attach a wood trim that matches the colour of your furnishings to one of the cupboards. Hang your pots and chopping boards by hammering a few nails onto it.

You'll be utilising the sides of furniture that would otherwise be left empty! It also adds a unique twist to the kitchen's decor that no one will expect.

2. Construct Your Own Spice Rack

If you're like me and believe that spices are necessary for eating excellent meals, you'll appreciate this notion. Especially if you've reached the point in your life where collecting spices is no longer a novelty.

Do you remember the old wooden crates that were so popular back then? I'm not sure if they're still available, but you might as well have a few in your garage.

Anyway, if you don't, I've seen a lot on Etsy, which you can find here. You can turn one into a lovely spice rack. All you need is a little paint, a few nails, and a lot of passion!

3. Create Your Own Secret Kitchen Organizer

Now, I totally adore this concept! Mostly because you don't have to be a DIY pro to pull this off.

Make your own secret kitchen organiser and connect all of the crucial items to it, such as photographs, keys, and grocery lists.

This one requires only a cabinet, a few pieces of metal, adhesive, a shelf liner, and your imagination! Feel free to clip an important letter, bills, or plan sheets to it.

Make Your Own Vegetable Drawers

If your vegetables are often going bad and keeping them is difficult, you might like this suggestion! You'll need a little woodworking here, but nothing too difficult.

You can turn ordinary drawers into vegetable-friendly storage units! Wicker baskets with beautiful tiny edges are required (like these ones here).

The more robust, the better! The tricky part here is ensuring that the basket is neither too short nor too tall for the drawer.

The wooden boards on the top of the drawer help to keep everything in place. You can create these yourself or look for wooden food boards that suit the drawer.

Finally, simply cut a hole in the board to ensure that the basket will fit. As previously stated, this one requires some handy work.

4. Make Your Own Drawer Utensil Organizer

Here's a great way to take your kitchen's design to the next level while still looking stylish! Wrap some gorgeous cloth around some rectangular plastic or wooden crates.

Attach it to the box with adhesive and place it in the drawers adjacent to each other. You can keep your cutlery right there for special occasions!

5. Ziploc Bag Organizer

If you're weary of having foil or ziploc storage bags lying around your kitchen or cluttering your drawer, the AidOrganizer food kitchen bag organiser is just what you're looking for! This Ziploc Bag Organizer allows you to sort and store your bags while saving kitchen space!


I hope you found some of these DIY kitchen organisation ideas useful! Do you have any suggestions? Please leave them in the comments section!